Research objective

A broad range of neuromuscular disorders can result in long-term muscle weakness or neuromuscular damage. These chronic conditions have a significant impact on the quality of a person's life, hampering the accomplishment of simple yet fundamental activities of daily living. We are designing soft wearable robots (exosuits) that wrap around a person's body and work in parallel with his/her own muscles to assist motion and provide extra strength and dexterity. Being made of fabric and soft materials, exosuits are light, comfortable, low energy-consuming and cheaper than most of the existing solutions. 

Merging expertise in human biomechanics, mechanical design, control and machine learning, we are working towards a future where these devices will work in synchrony with our bodies to remove motor disabilities and enhance human performance.  

"We need not accept our limitations, but can transcend disability through technological innovation."


Hugh Herr